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How to play YouTube in the Background?

play youtube in background

If you use the official YouTube app then you might already know that it is not possible to play YouTube Videos in the background. Even if you are playing a video song, the playback will stop as soon as you minimize the YouTube app. In this article, you will find a method by which you can play any video in the background on YouTube.

play youtube in background

This option comes in handy when you want to listen to your favorite song while doing something. Multitasking is possible with this trick. After playing the video you can minimize the app and the content will keep on playing even in the background and you can use other apps at the same time.

How to play YouTube videos in the background with VLC?

We will need to use VLC media player for this purpose. I am pretty sure that you will already have a VLC media player installed on your device. If yes or no, continue reading the article and everything will be straight forward.

1: Download and install VLC Media Player from the Google Play Store. It is available for FREE and you can click and this link will take you to Google Play Store. Just install it.

VLC Media Player

2: Open YouTube and search for your favorite video/song that you want to play in the background. Once you found the video, just tap on it and go to the playback page.

3: From the options, tap on Share and select VLC Media Player from the share menu

play youtube video song in background

Now the video will open in VLC Media Player and it will start to play the video.

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4: On the player screen, click on the three dots icon at the bottom and tap on Play as Audio.

play videos in backrgound in youtube

It will direct VLC Media Player to play that particular video as Audio and you will only hear the audio. It doesn’t matter what it is, all video can be played in the background like this.

Now, minimize the VLC Media Player and open some other apps and you will notice that the playback is still on and you can access any other apps or services during the playback. Once the video is finished, you can repeat the steps mentioned above and play another song/video of your choice in the background and listen to it without any distractions.

Why Play Videos in the Background?

There will be different reasons why everyone wants to play videos in the background.

Let’s say that you are about to listen to music but as you all know YouTube comes with the music videos of the same music. In this case, if you want to hear the audio-only and not the video, then it will be very useful. Similarly, it will also help you save your battery charge by not playing the video that you don’t care about and only the music that you are looking for.

This background Playback option is now officially available on YouTube but the thing is that you should be a YouTube Premium subscriber to access this feature. If you are already subscribed to YouTube Premium then you can play the video and minimize YouTube and the playback will not stop. You can easily do background playback with YouTube itself if you are a premium user.

This VLC Media Player trick will be useful for people who don’t have enough money to afford a YouTube premium subscription every month. Things will be more simple, easy and straight forward if you are using YouTube Premium or else you will have to follow all the steps mentioned above every single time when you want to play anything in the background.