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Best Online Android Emulator to Run Android Apps Online – 2020

online android emulators

Online Android Emulators are cloud-based programs that let us install and try any Android Apps in our Web Browser itself

Bluestacks, Droid4X, MEmu, Nox App Player, etc are some great examples for Android Emulator for Windows. All these emulators are locally installed on our computer to create an Android OS environment to run various Android Apps. But that is not the case with Online Android Emulators. Let’s say that you don’t want to waste some space on your hard drive by installing heavy Android Emulator programs. In this situation, Online APK Emulators comes in handy

online android emulators

If you are an Android Developer then you will understand how important an Android Emulator is. Once you are done editing and making a modification to your developed App, it will take hell lot of time to manually transfer the APK file to your device and after that installing it. Everything comes simple when Android Emulator comes into play. You can run and test almost all Android Apps right in your Computer running Windows, Mac or any Linux distributions. But we are not going to talk about regular Android Emulators. Instead, we are going to see how we can upload an APK file to a cloud server and then run the app from their server.

If you are using Online Android Emulators then you are not required to download large Emulator installation files like Bluestacks or RemixOS Player. You can run pretty much any Android App in your Web Browser like Google Chrome. I am sure that you will be having at least one Web Browser installed in your device and that is all that you need to run Android Apps on a computer via the Cloud. So, without wasting any more time, let’s dig deep in and learn more about Online Android Emulators.

Best Online Android Emulator

If you don’t know how Online Android Emulator works, let me quickly explain it.

Online Android Emulators are cloud-based programs that let us upload an APK file from our computer or remotely upload it from a URL and then run the APK file in their server and access it from our computer. That means, the App will be installed to their already created Server infrastructure and we can use the App from the Browser window itself. In this way, we are not required to download any heavy programs to make an Android OS environment in our Computer.

Android Emulator vs Online Android Emulator

Here are some highlighting points that make both Android Emulator and Online Android Emulator different from each other. It will also give you an idea on why you should be using an Online Cloud based Android Emulator than that heavy Emulator Software.


Android Emulator (PC Based) Online Android Emulator
Need to install an Emulator program in our Computer No need to install Emulator program
Need at least 2GB of RAM Less than 1 GB itself is enough
Need hard disk space to install the program No Hard disk space needed
Cannot be accessed from a Web Browser Run Apps in the Web Browser
Offline Physical Installation based Cloud-based
Best for Playing FPS Android Games on PC Can’t play games


How to Run APK Online in Chrome Browser?

Follow the step by step guide to install Android App in our Web Browser and access it remotely from anywhere.

Basically, we will be using our Web Browser (Google Chrome) to run Android App or you can tell that we are going to open APK on Google Chrome. You all might be already aware that we extend the functionality of Google Chrome by adding third-party extensions which is readily available on the Google Chrome Web Store. Today, we are going to install one such extension so that we can run Android Apps on Google Chrome.

Step 1: Head over to the link given below. It will take you the Chrome Web Store. Install the Android Online Emulator extension and download it

Step 2: Press the Add to Chrome button and add it to your Browser.

android online emulator

Step 3: Click on the newly created Android Online Emulator icon from the extensions panel and click on Set Userid

Step 4: Now, a new window will pop up and just type in a Username and hit Enter button.

set name for android emulator

Step 5: Upon clicking the Enter button, it will automatically redirect you to the APK File Manager (If auto redirection didn’t worked then Click on the Extension’s icon and then click on File Manager)

Step 6: Press the upload button > Navigate and find the APK file and then upload it to their server for further processing.

If you don’t have the APK file with you, follow the steps mentioned below to see how to download APK file from Google Play Store.

  • First of all Open Google Play Store on your browser and then search for the particular app that you want to open online
  • Once you find the desired the application, go to the address bar and then copy the URL of that particular page
  • Now, Go to apk-dl.com
  • On the home screen itself, you will find a search box, just paste the URL you copied there and hit Enter
  • Now, it will load up the details about that particular App you wanted
  • Click on the Download button and wait for a few seconds and it will automatically download the APK file to your computer.
  • Now that you have the Apk File, Go to Step 6 and then upload it to Run APK online server.

Step 6: Once the uploading process is done, you will see the APK file in the Android Online Emulator Dashboard File Manager. Click on the “Run APK” button next to the name of the App

run apk online

Step 7: Now, it will launch the App in a small Android Window (It might take a little while depending on the connection speed of your Internet.)

BOOM! You have successfully opened an APK file in your Google Chrome Web Browser.

apps opened in emulator

Final Words

This is how we use Android Online Emulators or Run APK Online services to open and use pretty much any Android App in a regular Browser. If your need is just to try an app then this method is what you should opt to go with. But, if you are little too serious like if you want to Play Android games, then you should definitely download any of that Offline Android Emulator. As long as your primary goal is not gaming, Online Android Emulator can server you really well.