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Lucky Patcher APK 8.7.1 Download for Android – Latest Version (2020)

lucky patcher

Download the Latest Version of Lucky Patcher APK for Android from the download link below

Lucky Patcher application is one that all Gamers and hardcore Android users always love. If you been playing games on your Android device, you might have come across “In-App Purchases”. If you want to get additional benefits and features while playing a game or using an App, then you might want to do an In-App Purchase. This is where Lucky Patcher APK comes in handy. This App will let you bypass In-App Purchases and use Premium benefits absolutely for free.

lucky patcher

Most of the Apps and Games will have these premium features locked by default. If you want to access those features then you will need to some tasks, watch some ads, wait for some hours or even pay some amount to unlock that particular feature on that specific app. Lucky Patcher App is a game-changer here. Most of the Apps and Games will keep the premium features locked and ask users to either do a specific task or pay for it. And obviously, we will take a lot of time to complete the task and eventually we will give up and purchase that feature instantly, which as the trick used by App Developers and this is how they convince users to buy premium features. Lucky Patcher APK 8.7.1 Download for Android – Latest Version (2019)

Download Lucky Patcher APK


App Lucky Patcher
Version 8.7.1
Last Updated 15 April 2020
Developer ChelpuS
Size 7.5MB
Downloads 1M+

The latest version 8.7.1 is out for Download.

  Lucky Patcher 8.7.1

What is Lucky Patcher?

Sounds interesting, right? Well, in this article we will cover the whole Installation + User guide of Lucky Patcher app, so that you won’t struggle to find all these features and how to use Lucky Patcher. Without further ado let’s get started.

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We are sharing this just for educational purpose only. We do not take any responsibility if you do anything wrong with this App. It takes a lot of quality time for developers to create and update every single App, so consider purchasing it officially from the Play Store. You can use this App to try premium features before purchasing. If you found the feature useful then consider purchasing it. :)[/su_note]

For those who are not aware of the app Lucky Patcher, let me just briefly explain what it is. In short, Lucky Patcher is a simple and lightweight application developed for Android which will let you bypass any kind of In-App Purchases and also enjoy premium features absolutely for free. No matter which app/game you use. Lucky Patcher got it all covered. Just download and install the App, after that follow the guide below to get started using Lucky Patcher.

How To Install Lucky Patcher App

Before we get started with the actual installation process of the App, let’s see some of the basic system requirements for Lucky Patcher to work smoothly. Below, I will share the list of basic requirements that you should meet to use Lucky Patcher on the Android Device. And as mentioned earlier, Root Access is not necessary for Lucky Patcher.

Requirements to use Lucky Patcher App?

  • Root Access not needed

Lucky Works with a non-rooted device. But, it works better on a Rooted device. No problem if your device is not rooted.

  • Minimum of 2GB of RAM
  • At least 8 GB Free Space
  • Android Gingerbread or above

Lucky Patcher Installation Guide

Follow the step by step guide given below to install the App to get free In-App Purchases, Boosts and additional features of any app for free.

Make sure that Installation from Unknown Sources is enabled on your device. Simply go to Settings > Security and enable “Unknown Sources”

  • Download the APK File of Lucky Patcher for Android
  • Open the APK file
  • Tap on the Install button

install lucky patcher

  • Wait until it gets installed

installing lucky patcher

Note: During the installation process you might get an error telling that the App installation is blocked by “Google Play Protect”. To safely install all you want to do is simply tap on the Details button to expand options and tap on “Install anyway (unsafe)”

lucky patcher blocked by play protect

Now, it will get installed without any problem.

  • Once done, tap on the Open button to instantly launch Lucky Patcher

open lucky patcher

  • Now, we have successfully installed Lucky Patcher on our Android device and now onwards we can get all Premium goodies absolutely for free.

Now, let’s see how to use Lucky Patcher?

Lucky Patcher Features

Here, I will be discussing some of the cool features that make the Lucky Patcher app different from any other app on the planet. This app got a hell lot of good features and I will highlight the most used among them.

Free In App Purchase

free lucky patcher

The best and main part of Lucky Patcher is the Free In App Features itself. You can use this app to get free in app purchases for Gems, Coins, Points, Boost and additional Premium feature in any App of your choice. Lucky Patcher supports thousands of different apps which makes it more universal.

Backup Apps

backup lucky patcher

Do you want to create backups of installed apps on your device? Then, this app got that feature, too. You can easily create Backups of any installed apps on your device and you can keep for future use, which will end up saving memory space on your device.

Move Apps to Secondary Storage

move apps with lucky patcher

Are you having a device with low onboard storage? If you install Apps in your device, moving it to SD Card will save a lot of space.

No More Ads 

remove ads with lucky patcher

Are you fed up with all annoying Ads on Apps? Lucky Patcher has a feature that will remove all the annoying Ads from all Apps including Pop up ads.

Remove License Verification

remove license verification with lucky patcher

Are you facing any issue with not able to install Apps downloaded from the Internet due to the license verification issue? Now, onwards you can easily bypass all these verifications using Lucky Patcher for Android.

Install Lucky Patcher at your own risk, even Google Play Protect marks Lucky Patcher as Unsafe. I am not sure about the level of security of the App. I have been using it for more than a year right now and I have not faced any issue. But, Again I repeat use the App at your own risk. I am sharing this App just as to take a trial before you purchase the actual item from the App. Developers work so hard to develop apps and we should respect them. Use Lucky Patcher to test drive the In-App Purchase and if you found it useful then pay the developer by purchasing it. As per the developers, Lucky Patcher is 100% safe and secure.

How To Use Lucky Patcher?

The interface of Lucky Patcher is a bit odd and a newbie will struggle to play around with the options. Don’t worry. I will introduce the app and tell you how you can use some basics of Lucky Patcher APK for Android.

Once, you are on the Lucky Patcher Dashboard, it will show the complete list of Apps that are currently installed on your device.

lucky patcher homescreen

From the list of Apps, select the particular app that you want to edit or add more functions. Just tap on the App icon and a menu like below will appear and just tap on the “Menu of Patches”

download lucky patcher

Now, it will show a list of additional features that you can add to the application. For instance, I am just gonna completely remove ads from the app I selected. For that simple just tap on “APK Without Google Ads”. You can select any patch if your choice from License verification, change permissions, etc

lucky patcher patches

Once you selected the required main patch, sub-patches will appear. Here, you can select what features to disable and what to enable.

remove ads lucky patcher

After you selected the required patch for the app. A menu like one below will appear. Just App on the “Create Modified APK File” button and it will automatically create a modified version of the app and also the editing app with required features and add-ons.

create modified apk lucky patcher

If you want to add more patches and get more features whenever they launch it for Lucky Patcher, you can update Custom Patches to get additional Patches and features. For that, whenever a new update is found, just update to the latest version and you are all good to go. These Custom Patches will help us to add more new interesting add-ons to our specified app.

This is how we use the Lucky Patcher app to edit and modify any app installed on our device.


I hope you guys found this article. The above-given download link will help you to download the latest version of Lucky Patcher and the installation guide will help you to safely install the app on your device. The method to solve the error while installing the Lucky Patcher App has been mentioned right above in the article. If you are new to Lucky Patcher and don’t know anything about it then I have also shared the guide to use Lucky Patcher and patch any app.  Be sure to share this article with your friends and let them know about this trick, too.