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How to Direct Download Torrent Files – Working

direct download torrent files

Torrent is one of the most famous means of downloading heavy files online. It is a peer to peer file sharing service where there is no centralized server to host the files. Everyone uses Torrent clients to download torrent files, but if you want to Direct Download Torrent Files with IDM then this article will help you.

direct download torrent files

This is the easiest method to Direct Download Torrent files with any download manager other than Torrent clients. There multiple online websites that help us to do the same, let’s see how?

What is a Torrent?

Torrent is a peer to peer file-sharing network where there is no centralized server for storing files. Each and every file in a torrent network will be stored as small packets in the client’s computer itself. When you download a torrent file, the torrent client will pick up the small packets from other computers one by one and finally build the file you are looking for. This is how the torrent works.

Torrent Direct Download Websites

These are some Websites that will help us to Direct Download pretty much any Torrent Files with IDM or any other similar Download Managers.

All the websites mentioned above are torrent to cloud service providers. These websites will help us to transfer our torrent file into a server and then download it from there. As I mentioned earlier, Torrent files are not hosted on any particular server. So, at first, we need to move our torrent file to a server and only after that, we can download it with any download managers.

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Easy Way to Direct Download Torrent Files

Here is step by step procedures for direct downloading torrent files.

  • Go to any websites mentioned above. In this case, I cam using Seedr.cc which is a free website that gets the job done.
  • Create a free account on their website you will instantly get 2 GB of free space. then you can refer people using Disposable Emails and then increase it up to 4.5GB space
  • Once you have created the account next is to grab the magnet link of the torrent file.
  • Go to the torrent website of your file and look for an option called Magnet Link
  • Just right click on the magnet link button and copy the link address
  • Now, come back to the direct torrent download website and paste it there.

direct torrent files download

  • Click the download button and wait for a few seconds
  • Once it’s done, you can click the download button and easily save the file to your computer at high speed.

This is the best and easiest method to save any Torrent file and direct download it with any download managers like IDM. Almost all the websites mentioned come with a free account so you are not required to pay anything. If you want even more space then you can subscribe to one of their premium plans as per your choice and download heavy data easily.