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Top 20 Free Movie Apps For Android & iOS – 2019

free movie apps

Free Movie Apps will help you to Stream or directly Download any movie of your choice to your Smartphone. If you are having a lot of free time, why not watch some Movies in free of cost. Hundreds of  Free Movie Apps are available to Download or Stream any Movie you like. Watching Movies are still one of the best entertaining stuff and for relaxation as well. Learn how to watch free movies online without downloading.

free movie apps

There are tons of movie apps for Android and iOS like Showbox, etc. Finding a good App that has all the latest Movies is another tough task. Today, in this Article you will find the list of top 20+ Free Movie Apps to watch or Download Movies for free of cost. You can use these Apps for watching Movies and TV Shows online anytime, anywhere.

Don’t worry if you are having a slow Internet Connection, below listed Apps will help you to watch Movies even in Slow Internet Connection. Especially if you are having a Jio sim then downloading Movies will be a piece of cake for you. Below, you will find 20+ Apps, so find one yourself which suits you the best and continue using it. If one doesn’t get it right for you, you can always go with another one.

Free Movies Online Without Downloading

Apart from Movies, these Apps also have famous TV Serials, Sports Shows, Cartoons and much more contents that you will really love to watch. As mentioned already, all the Apps mentioned below are 100% Free and you can watch free movies online without downloading or TV Shows, Serials without paying anything. Sounds great, right?

I will provide Free Movie Apps for both Android and iOS platform. Whether you have an Android or iOS device, you can enjoy Movies for free in HD.

So, here goes the list…

20 Best Free Movie Apps For Android & iOS

1. Showbox App

showbox movie app

When talking about Movie Streaming Apps, we cannot leave the Showbox app. Showbox is one of the most popular Free Move Streaming App which has millions of regular users. I am personally using this App from the past few months and this has everything you Need.

The App layout is very simple to navigate. All the Movies are sorted according to their Genre, Language, etc. Anyone can easily use the App and Stream any Movie online for free with these apps.

Showbox Android App is not directly available from Google Play store but you can grab the .Apk file from their official website. The link given below will take you to the page, where you can download the .Apk file. If you are looking for free movies online without downloading, then Showbox is the one for you.

2. Viewster – Free Movie Apps

viewster movie app

Viewerster is the second app in our list.  Viewster is available for both Android and iOS Platform. Viewster got all popular movies in it. You are not required to register in the App in order to watch the movie. Viewster App has a dedicated section for the Animation category, if you are a great fan of Animation Movies, this option will be very helpful for you.

All the movies in the App come in the HD Version, so no problem with Video quality issue. Give it a try and it’s definitely one of the useful Android as well as an iOS app for streaming Movies online

  Viewster for Android    Viewster for iOS

3. Crackle

crackle app

Crackle is one of the best Alternative to Showbox, the one we saw earlier. This App also comes for both Android and iOS platform. Along with Latest Movies, this app also has TV Shows, Serials, and much more TV Items as well. All Items are properly categorized in the App, so you won’t be stuck anywhere while browsing Movies. User Interface is quite good.

Crackle does not allow you to Download movies, but you can stream them online. You need a pretty Good Internet connection, or else You will have to wait for a long to get the Video loaded.

Crackle for Android    Crackle for iOS

4. TubiTV

tubitv app

Watch free movies online with Tubi TV Smartphone app. TubiTV helps us to watch free movies on our Android and iPhone device. With tons of Movies in it, this app deserves to be on the list of top free movies streaming apps for Android and iOS. Category based sorting allows you to watch movies based on a specific Genre. Watch free movies online without downloading with tubitv.

You can go through the App and watch your favorite Movie online with your Smartphone itself.

  TubiTV for Android    TubiTV for iOS

5. Flipps TV

flippstv movies app

Flips TV is quite enough App to give a try. Other than Movies you can listen to famous Music, watch viral Videos and much more. Flipps TV is fully packed entertain suit for your Mobile device.

With Flipps TV, you can easily Stream TV Episodes, Musics Video songs, and any Movies too. You can even cast any movie to your TV using Chromecast so that you can enjoy the movie on a big screen. All movies are of High Quality with subtitles for most.

 FlippsTV for Android     FlippsTV for iPhone

6. Hubi

hubi movie app

Think of a time that you don’t have the Internet in your Smartphone, does that mean you can’t watch any Movie? Hubi is a free Movie Apps that will let us download any Movies to our Smartphone and watch them later. Suppose if you don’t have the Internet in your School but you have in your Home, what will you do to watch a movie in your School? You can easily download any movie from the app and watch it whenever you like. Once you watched the movie, you can easily delete them too.

As like many other applications, Hubi also has TV Shows and Serials on it. You can stream or Download Movies, Videos, TV Shows, people, etc.

 Hubi for Android

7. Netflix

netflix free app

Netflix is one of the Most Popular movie streaming service used by Million people around the Globe. With Netflix, you can stream any Movie or TV Shows you like. Netflix is being updated every single Day, so new TV Shows and Movies are added every day so, you will have a wide variety of movies and TV Shows to choose from.

Netflix is a Paid service, But happily, it has a 30 Days free trial to test drive Netflix. This 30 Days, you can watch any Movies or TV Shows for absolutely free without paying anything

Hope you are enjoying our list of Free Movie Apps, But we have even more for you!

  Netflix for Android    Netflix for iPhone

8. PopcornFlix

popcornflix app

If you want to watch free movies online without downloading then Popcornflix is best. PopcornFlix is yet another great best app in the Free Movie Apps list. PopcornFlix has thousands of Movies to choose from, you can Watch any of this movie that you like. Almost all popular Movies from different Language are available in this App. You can select or choose your favorite Movie from the Category section. With a nice layout, the app is worth trying.

The app is available for both Android and iOS platforms, download from the link mentioned below.

  Popcornflix for Android    Popcornflix for iOS

9. Yidio

yidio movie app

Yidio is another platform for you can search and watch any movie you like. This is one of the must-try Free Movie Apps. You can watch Movie of your choice. Every movie is categorized according to their Genre. So you can easily navigate around and find the movie you wish to watch. It’s quite simple to use the app,

Along with Movies, you can also watch TV shows and Serials as well.

  Yidio for Android    Yidio for iOS

10. YouTube


YouTube, yes you heard it right! YouTube being one of the most visited websites in the globe for streaming Video is also a Free Movie App/Website. You can watch movies on YouTube as well. If you are having an Android Device, then YouTube will be pre-installed in your Device out of the box.

Not all movies are available on YouTube, but still, you can search for any movie. Especially If you are having a slower Internet Connection, then YouTube will be the best choice for you. YouTube works well in Slower Internet connection when compared to other Video Streaming Apps.

   YouTube for Android    YouTube for iOS

11. Cinema Box

Cinema Box

Formerly known as PlayBox HD, CinemaBox is one of the great Free Movie download apps for android. Almost every Movie on the App is having Subtitles which is great for users who don’t know some specific Language. You can Cast the movie to a bigger Screen using Chromecast. It works like a charm in Offline mode also. Watching free movies online without downloading never been so easy.

Again this app is also not available in the Google Play Store, but you can easily download it from their official website

  Download Cinema BOX

12. Box TV

boxtv movie app

Want an App that has a Movie Downloading feature? then Box TV is the one you are looking for. This App lets you Download and Watch any Movie offline. So, you can download it from somewhere you have the Internet and Watch it later at instances where you don’t have an Internet Connection.

You can apply various filters to sort out Movies according to your choice. If you are having a Slower Internet connection, then you can easily change the quality of the Video and stream it even faster. Apart from Movies, you can also watch Movie Trailers, Teasers, and other Movie related News as well.

  BoxTV for Android    BoxTV for iOS

13. JustWatch

justwatch movie app

JustWatch is not a Movie Streaming app, but it let you search for any Movies on 10+ Platforms like Amazon Prime, Hulu, Crackle, Netflix, etc. You can browse through your favorite movie and watch them. You can save them to your playlist and even watch them later. But you don’t have a Download feature in JustWatch app.

JustWatch App is available for both Android as well as an iOS platform. If you are having an Android or iOS device, JustWtshc will be useful for you to find Movies you really want to watch.

  JustWatch for Android     JustWatch for iOS

14. Viu

viu app

Viu is a Free Movie Stream App that let you Stream Moves, TV Shows, and Serials online. As like any other app, in Viu app also, you can browse through various Genre and watch movies according to your taste. The categorized system makes it more easy to find the movie you want. Just like any other app for free movies online without downloading, Viu is again a great app in the list

You have wide-variety of Languages available to choose from. Currently, there are Movies from languages like English, Indonesian, Malay, etc.

Viu for Android     Viu for iOS

15. MegaBox HD

Megabox app

MegaBox is a fully packed lightweight Movie streaming app available for both Android and iOS platform. As mentioned above, the App is only somewhere around 2MB in size. So it won’t take that space on your Device.

This App allows you to watch Movies in different qualities. Let’s say that you are having a slow Internet connection, so you can adjust quality according to your Internet speed.

Mega Box for Android     Mega Bos for iOS

16. Bigstar Movies

bigstar movie app

When talking about Bigstar Movies App, it is not an app that you think. In all other app mentioned above, you can find all the movies according to your Wish. But in the app, only Award Winning and Documentary movies are there.

This app has almost all Award Winning movies from Hollywood. Again this app is also a lightweight one. Available for both Android and iOS. Bigstar will be really helpful for watching free movies online without downloading.

   BigStar for Android || BigStar for iOS

17. Hoopla

hoopla app

Hoopla is a movie app which let you borrow movies, videos, eBooks, etc for free just using your Library Card. You can request a Movie which you want to watch. But frankly speaking, this App is not that appealing. But you can still use this app for watching free movies online without downloading.

   Hoopla for Android || Hoopla for iOS

18. Free Movies

free movies app

Free Movies is another free Movie Streaming app exclusively available for Android users only. You can watch any movie of your choice with Free Movies Android App. You can select your favorite movie from different sections and Genre category.

The User Interface of this app is not that good in fact. As a new user, you might struggle a bit to use this App. You can download this app from the Google Play Store.

Free Movies For Android

I will surely update this article with the latest Free Movie Apps or free movies online without downloading when available. So be sure to bookmark this page for more Free Movie Apps. You can Bookmark this page by pressing Ctrl+D in Windows and Command+D on Mac.

Final Words

Hope you guys found this ultimate list of Top Free Movie Apps. Try all one by one and find which suits you best. Next time onwards whenever you want to watch a Movie simply open the app, search for it, and watch it. Some apps mentioned above also have the Download option, which will let you download and save the movie file in your Smartphone and watch it later. So, this was your only guide for watching free movies online without downloading, right?

Comment down below, your thoughts about our Ultimate list of Free Movie Apps. Share this article on Facebook, Twitter, G+ or wherever you like