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Fix Google Chrome Not Responding Issue – 4 Fixes

Google Chrome is by far the best Web Browser out there and in fact, in terms of the number of users, Google Chrome ranks number one. Google Chrome is so popular with lots and lots of features. It is available for a variety of platforms including Windows, Android, iOS, macOS, Linux, etc. If you are a Google Chrome user then you might have come across Chrome Not Responding Error.

Lots of people face this issue like Google Chrome lets hanged soon after the startup of Windows and won’t respond to any action. Users will be forced to restart their computers as the whole computer itself becomes laggy, and not usable.

In this article, we will see how we can fix Google Chrome not responding error on Windows 10 or any other versions. There are some quick fixes that will get our job done. Without wasting any time, let’s fix Google Chrome.

Fix Google Chrome Not Responding Error in Windows 10

One single fix might not be enough to fix Google Chrome. Sometimes, you will have to apply multiple methods mentioned below or sometimes one might be enough. Anyways, let’s the try all the different methods to find a solution for Google Chrome not responding.

1. Update Google Chrome

This might look silly but can actually solve the entire problem. Often times a lot of people will forget updating Google Chrome to the latest version. They might have turned off automatic updates in order to reduce Internet consumption.

Updating Google Chrome has multiple benefits apart from fixing the not responding error. Every Chrome update comes with at least a new feature or bug fixes. This will improve the efficiency of the browser or even adds new functionalities. Having an outdated Google Chrome version will often lead users to ‘Chrome Not Responding’ error.

To update Google Chrome, follow the steps as follows:

  • Open Google Chrome
  • Click on the three dots vertical icon from the top right corner of the screen.
  • Hover on ‘Help’ and then click on ‘About Google Chrome’
  • If you see an update option, then right away update chrome
  • It will take some time depending on the Internet speed
  • After updating, Restart Chrome and see if the problem has solved or not

2. Clear Browser Cache and History

Clearing the browser cache and history might solve the issue. Over time, lots and lots of image cache and other browsing histories might slow down Chrome. It will help to load frequently visited websites. But if your machine is not that powerful it can sometimes lead to slowing down. Here’s how you can clear cache and fix not responding error on Google Chrome.

To Clear Cache on Google Chrome just hold Ctrl + H, It will open Chrome browsing history. From the top left corner of the screen, select ‘Clear browsing data’. Now click on the Clear Data button on the popup and wait for some time. It will depend on the time period you selected on the pop up You can from last hour to All-time or 4 weeks.

clear cache

Now the browsing history will be deleted and make your experience even better.

3. Clear DNS Cache

Outdated DNS can be considered as another reason why Chrome lags a lot. In fact, clearing DNS even makes the Internet Speed to increase by a small margin. You can also try clearing DNS to fix the Google Chrome Not Responding problem in your Windows 10 computer.

  • Search for CMD (Comand Prompt)
  • Open CMD as Admin (Right-click and select ‘open as admin’)
  • Once opened, type the below-given commands and hit enter
  • Make sure you type and apply the command one-by-one

ipconfig /flushdns
netsh winsock reset

clear dns settings

After applying the command, restart Windows and open Chrome and everything will be most likely solved.

4. Reset Google Chrome Settings to default

Misconfigured Chrome Settings can also cause problems. If you accidentally changed any settings in Chrome’s flag page then the situation might get even worse. There are several experimental settings in Chrome’s flags page if you change something from there incorrectly then that can cause issues as well. If that is the case then try the following steps mentioned below. Even if you haven’t change anything, simply give it a shot.

  • Go to Chrome Settings
  • Click on Advanced option
  • Scroll down a little bit and you will find an option called ‘Restore settings to their original defaults’ Click on the Reset settings button and wait.
reset chrome
  • Restart Chrome and the settings will revert back to heir originals.

These are some tips that you can try on your computer if you face Google Chrome not responding error every time. This error mostly comes in computers with a lower amount of RAM and storage. As you might already know, Google Chrome is a resource-hungry application that needs lots of Memory in order to work smoothly. If you were not able to fix the problem even after trying all these methods then I would recommend you try other browsers or try uninstalling and reinstalling Google Chrome.