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6 Best Android Video Players with 4K Support

best android video players

Almost all the video files these days are modern and comes with high-end codecs and other media settings. It’s true that almost all Android Phones, right out of the box, comes with a simple Media Player. These sort of media player which comes pre-installed in our phones has only a limited set of features and some video file won’t even work on these apps. This is why we need to install a good Android Video Player app to play any HD or 4K contents without any issue.

best android video players

I personally had an experience where I tried playing a video file on my device but I was not able to properly play it. After doing a lot of research I found that stock media players in Android come with support for a limited set of codecs, So I installed one of these apps mentioned below and tried opening the same with that app. Now, everything was fine and the video playback was smooth and good.

Top Android Video Players of 2020

1. MX Player

mx player for android

MX Player is the most popular Video Player for Android as of now. Millions of devices are already using MX Player and it has support for almost all video types, extensions and codecs ever released. Even if some new codecs or video types come in, the developers will instantly release a codec update and installing the update will let you watch the new video file types easily. Their codec library is already rich and vast with almost all popular video types.

MX player is the first Android Video Player to come with Multi-core decoding. MX Player is feature-packed and you get every feature you will ever need. Pinch and Zoom, Cropping, Subtitle support, Find subtitle online, gesture controls, increase voumes above 100%, screen lock, etc are some features in MX Player.

Now you can find some quality series from the house of MX Player through MX Player Originals.

Download MX Player now

2. VLC Media Player for Android

vlc media player for android

I am sure you will be already aware of VLC Media Player. It is one of the old video players that is available for PC and Mac. Apart from PC and Desktop, it is also available for Android with all its glory.

VLC Media Player is a Free and Open source and supports a variety of different video and audio file types. The UI of the VLC player for Android is simple and feature-rich. One of the best things I liked the most is network streaming capabilities. If you have a direct URL to live streaming then you can watch the contents from VLC Media Player itself. This is something really nice to have, especially if you are someone who watches sports or any other live content.

You can also use VLC Media Player to play YouTube Videos in the Background as well

You can download VLC Media Player for FREE from Google Play Store.

3. BSPlayer

BSPlayer for Android

BSPlayer is one of the FREE hardware-accelerated video players for Android. It has support for multi-core video decoding or HW decoding to play videos smoothly without any frame tearing. This particular feature in this app will improve the playback speed.

One thing everyone will definitely enjoy is the Background Playback option. Not many android video player comes with this option. It will be really great in a situation where you want to do multi-tasking like watch a video while texting or writing a document.

It supports almost all leading video file formats and subtitles including srt, ssa, sub, txt, etc which is something really good. BSPlayer is free on the Google Play store and you can download it from there.

Download BSPlayer

4. FX Player

best media player for android

Formerly known as FIPE Player, FX Player is an app that can handle HD and UHD 4K contents like a piece of cake. If you are someone who cannot compromise on the quality of the video then FX Player is for you. It natively supports 4K contents and even lets you stream content online with the direct URL.

Apart from all these features, FX Player comes with some cool features like Floating Video Player playback, Adjust playback speed, Mirror, and flip mode, Local streaming, and network streaming via FTP, SMB, WEBDEV, and HTTP. The user interface and pretty much everything looks cool and usable. Definitely try if you want to try 4K UHD contents, for which FX player is known for.


5. XPlayer for Android

best android video player

With an average rating of about 4.8/5, XPlayer is by far one of the most rated Android Media Players on the Internet right now. It was even featured on Google Play’s Best of 2017. By now, you might got an idea on how pouplar this particular app is. Like many other players in the list, it supports video formats like  MKV, MP4, M4V, AVI, MOV, 3GP, FLV, WMV, RMVB, TS and some others that I haven’t even heard of.

Hardware accelerated video playback is enabled and will boost the video playback speed and performance by a huge margin. It has upport for Ultra High Definition 4k contents and can cast content to via Chromecast. If you are not able to find subtitles manually then XPlayer can find a subtitle for your video online automatically and use it for free.

Download XPlayer for Android

6. PlayerXtreme

playerxtreme media player for android

PlayerXtreme is yet another good Video Player for Android with great features. With support for over 40+ different audio and video formats, it can play pretty much any video file in any codec. Some video player requires you to do the manual conversion before playing the video on your Android device. But that’s not the case with PlayerXtreme. You can directly play any video without any sort of conversion. Whether it be a 4K video or Full HD video with high FPS, it doesn’t matter.

PlayerXtreme comes with 6th Gen Hardware Accelerated Core which will make your video sharper and more vivid. You can even stream videos directly from your PC, your home network or even from the Internet with direct URL to the source.

Download PlayerXtreme

So these are our recommendations for a good Video Player for Android. 4K UHD Content support and streaming over Network features are worth to be noted. You can get all these for free and some of them are ad supported.